Oil and Fluids

Fluids such as engine oil, brake fluid, coolant, and transmission fluid are essential to making sure your engine and other various systems are working correctly.

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Maintaining the Health of Your Car

Engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid and other components are vital to the engine and systems of your Ford. These fluids have a hand in all processes including lubrication, cooling, braking and even regulating driving power.

Why Are Oil and Fluid Changes Important?

Many people don’t realize that using the specific type of oil designated for your engine actually prolongs the drivability of your vehicle. Doing so diminishes friction, which itself goes a long way to both increase gas mileage and deter overheating. Cooling regulates the internal temperature of your engine and is something that you literally cannot do without.

Even transmission fluid is hugely important, as it helps guarantee the essential operation of your car’s automatic transmission. Braking systems across the board function better when you make sure that fluids are replaced according to factory recommended schedules.

At Athens Ford, our team will help make sure that your prescribed maintenance schedule for fluid replacement goes off without a hitch, significantly minimizing the chances that you’ll be dealing with expensive maintenance issues stemming from things like fluid deficiency.

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