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Understanding your car battery can be a mystery but with our tips, you will always know when to change your battery and when to get it checked.

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Without your car battery functioning properly, you will have trouble getting from one place to the next. That is why it is important to get the battery tested to ensure it is working great if it is more than four years old or if your car is having trouble starting. Another thing to take note of is that when you drive your vehicle for longer trips, you will give the battery a better charge while short, repeated trips can result in an electro-chemical imbalance. If you do not use your car for an extended period of time, the battery may completely die, especially in cold winters and hot summers. If you are concerned about your battery or simply want to get it checked, bring it by the service center at Athens Ford. We can also help you find the ideal replacement when it is time for a new battery.

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